James Craig

Grant Nicol

Grant left New Zealand over twenty years ago to settle in Australia but after many years spent maintaining electric guitars for a variety of indie rock bands in Sydney he found himself moving again, this time to Northern Ireland, where he first started toying with the idea of writing crime fiction. After ten years in Belfast he switched venues to Iceland where his first four books are set. ‘On A Small Island’ (Fahrenheit Press), ‘The Mistake’ (Number Thirteen Press), ‘A Place To Bury Strangers’ (Fahrenheit Press) and the as yet unpublished ‘Out On The Ice’ are the result of a lot of time spent indoors watching the weather pass him by like one North Atlantic storm front after another. Just in case Reykjavík wasn’t quite cold enough for him he has now moved to Finland to experience what a proper winter feels like and has started a new series of books based around the southern city of Porvoo.

You can follow him on twitter @kiwigrantnicol

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