A Slow Death by James Craig

Michael RN Jones

Michael RN Jones is a pen name of Melvyn Small.  Mel is perhaps unique when it comes to writers in that he never intended to be one.  Although he'd had many ideas for novels, the prospect of turning these stories into 70 or 80,000 words meant his literary truck didn't get much sand under the wheels.

Previously Mel's written output had tended towards the technical and concerned the creation of reports and specifications during careers as both a civil engineer and an IT professional.  During this period his documentation became the thing of legend, his mastery of the succinct and unambiguous earning him the title of Good Docs.  This grounding in the precise is perhaps what gives him his much-lauded pacy writing style.  Coupled with a dry wit that is a consequence of an upbringing in the North East of England, his prose is both engaging and difficult to extract yourself from.  Essentially, he writes book-shaped opium, which will hook you in and never let you go. In this respect, you should refrain from delving past the covers of his books before due consideration. This may involve putting your financial affairs in order, taking medical advice and perhaps even making your peace with your preferred deity.  

But why Michael RN Jones specifically?  Therein lies a riddle...

A lover boy blue no longer having such fun
A colourful person toting a machine gun
A boogaloo dude who got things done

You can follow him on twitter: @MichaelRNJones

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