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Ruth Sutton

What can I tell you about me? I’m a very independent person, which – like many things – is good up to a point, but can get tricky sometimes. I live in a very beautiful place, but it’s a long way to a cinema, or a big supermarket, and if the time comes when I can’t or don’t want to drive, I’ll have to move as there’s no public transport. I qualify for a bus pass, but there aren’t any buses. My daughter and her family live quite close by, and I love to see my two grandchildren. After decades on my own, I have a partner whom I love. We each have our own house, 40 minutes apart, and this life style suits us both. I wrote my first novel after I was 60.

In addition Ruth has self-published a trilogy entitled Between the Mountains and the Sea

A Good Liar tells the story of Jessie who risks career and independence with a love affair, whilst her secret past draws ever closer.

Forgiven is set among the coal mines and fells of the Cumberland coast. Jessie’s struggle for happiness continues.

Fallout features the nuclear disaster at Windscale, which brings a compelling stranger into Jessie’s world.

You can find more details of all Ruth’s books on www.ruthsutton.co.uk

You can follow her on twitter @RuthSutton

Books published by Fahrenheit Press