the fahrenheit press book club

So what the hell is The Fahrenheit Book Club?

The Fahrenheit Book Club is our new subscription service. Membership costs just £48 / €66 / $75 per year and for that you'll get ALL of the Fahrenheit Press eBooks scheduled for 2017 publication, delivered direct to your inbox before anyone else sees them. We launched the Fahrenheit Book Club in 2016 and our members received 50 Books in their first year..

So here's the deal - you subscribe for 12 months for £48 / €66 / $75 and you'll get all the eBooks we publish in 2017 - delivered to your inbox.

We're adding to our publication schedule all the time - if we publish it in 2017 - you'll get it, guaranteed.

If you'd like more information on the Fahrenheit Press Book Club email us here.

* We ONLY accept payments via PAYPAL - payment details will be sent to you once we accept your subscription request.