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A Slow Death by James Craig

East Of The City by Grant Sutherland

"A second brilliant financial thriller from the acclaimed author of West Of The City, Grant Sutherland has strode confidently into Paul Erdman territory with this novel... very accomplished" - Sunday Telegraph 

With a penthouse flat and a fat-cat salary, Ian Collier has managed to leave his past as a bookie's son behind him. 

But when his mentor, Sebastian Ward, is kidnapped, he's sucked into a deadly conspiracy which will bring back the terrors of the past in a way he could never have imagined and threatens to make all his nightmares come true. 

"A strong, cunning writer...Sutherland's narrative engine is definitely a thing of beauty." - Publisher's Weekly 

"Taut...Sutherland is very good." - The Washington Post 

"Authentic dialogue, rounded characters and a plot that keeps you reading avidly"

"Sutherland again demonstrates his mastery of the mystery with a tale of murder, suspense and hope...[he] has crafted a compelling human story...with genuine emotional impact." 

"A crackerjack novel, teeming with suspense...entirely satisfying."

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