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In The Still by Jacqueline Chadwick

“An astounding debut, breathtaking…”

When Ali Dalglish immigrated to Canada she left behind her career as Britain’s most in-demand forensic pathologist & criminal psychologist. 

Now, eight years later, Ali feels alone, and bored, and full of resentment. Suffocated and frustrated by her circumstances and in an increasingly love-starved marriage, Ali finds herself embroiled in a murder case that forces her to call upon her dormant investigative skills. 

As she’s pulled deeper into the case of ‘The Alder Beach Girl’ and into the mind of a true psychopath, Ali is forced to confront her fears and to finally embrace her own history of mental illness. 

In an increasingly febrile atmosphere Ali must fight hard to protect those she loves from the wrath of a determined and vicious predator and to ultimately allow the woman she once was to breathe again.

“Twisted, disturbing, tender and utterly utterly gripping…”

“Literally un-put-downable…”

“Jacqueline Chadwick has burst onto the crime scene with an explosive debut that leaves the reader gasping for more…”

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This is the first in a new series by Jacqueline Chadwick, book 2 will be released in September 2017 and book 3 in January 2018