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A Slow Death by James Craig

Man On A Rock by Grant Sutherland

"A very taut thriller...Sutherland is very good." - The Washington Post 

A man known only as Mr Smith arrives on Gibraltar with a seemingly simple mission; collect a package and leave again quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

Of course things were never going to be that simple.

With the border closed, no flights till morning and his main contact murdered by a single bullet through the back of his skull it looked like Mr Smith was going to have an interesting 24hrs on The Rock.

Pursued by unknown assailants, and with no way to know who to trust, Mr Smith must fall back on his instincts to survive long enough to complete his mission.

Man On A Rock is a high octane chase thriller that will keep you hooked and breathless till the very last page.

“An engrossing and engaging story told by a master of the genre.”

"Authentic dialogue, rounded characters and a plot that keeps you reading avidly" 

"A crackerjack novel, teeming with suspense...entirely satisfying."

“A brilliant, beautifully written thriller”

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