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The Lobster Boy And The Fat Ladys Daughter

One Of Our Jeans Is Missing by Paul Charles

"Paul Charles is one of the hidden treasures of British crime fiction.” — John Connolly

How would you commit the perfect murder?

How far would you go to protect the person you love?

London 1967. Five young strangers are thrown together by chance and their love of rock music. Swinging London is their playground until their world is shaken on its’ axis by the unexplained disappearance of one of the gang. 

Tensions rise, relationships are tested and secrets are shared which are best never spoken of again.

Praise for Paul Charles…

"Charles draws the reader in with an easy style and the result is an excellent thriller." — Dublin Evening Herald

“Veterans and newcomers alike will appreciate the smart writing and ingenious planting of clues." — Publishers Weekly

“Paul Charles is a great storyteller. He writes in an easy conversational tone that draws the reader in, involves them straight away and holds the attention right to the end.”—Martyn Waites – SHOTS.

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