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A Slow Death by James Craig

The Accidental Detective (The Victor Locke Chronicles : Volume 1) by Michael RN Jones

At first glance, Victor Locke doesn’t exactly look like hero material.

Even at the best of times his closest associates would admit the wise-cracking, computer hacking, beer drinking rascal could be an acquired taste.

Thrown together by the British legal system, Victor and his court appointed psychologist Dr Jonathan Doyle are drawn into a string of initially baffling and sometimes mortally dangerous adventures.

Victor’s natural predilection for data, deduction and logic combine with a healthy disregard for authority and a casual contempt for life threatening danger to ensure that there's never a dull moment and never a mystery left unsolved.

The game is very much afoot – or more accurately 30.48cm…   

“Irreverent, hilarious and clever… hugely enjoyable…”

“Very entertaining, very witty, very memorable…”

“Read this cover to cover in two days, can’t wait for Volume Two…”

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