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The Lobster Boy And The Fat Ladys Daughter

The Lobster Boy And The Fat Lady's Daughter by Charles Kriel

So, the secret is out and our second book has been revealed as The Lobster Boy And The Fat Lady's Daughter by Charles Kriel.

If you've been following us you'll know we tried to do something a little different with our 2nd book. We kinda wanted you just to trust us.

In a world first we persuaded Amazon to let us list a book on their site without telling you who it was by, what it was called or what it was about.

They'd never let anyone do that before and we're pretty pleased they let us run with, what everyone told us, was a really dumb idea.

We wanted you to trust us, and we're pleased to say that hundreds of you did just that and ordered the book without having the slightest idea what it was or what it was about.

Rogue military cop Melanie Barry is a detective like no other and when her step-father is arrested and framed for murder, Mel is his only hope. 

Mel pursues a heartless killer through the darkest heart of the gothic South, only to discover the mysteries of her own shadowy past revealed in blood. 

Set on the carnival lot of a South Georgia tobacco town, The Lobster Boy And The Fat Lady’s Daughter is a wild Lynch-ian ride through a world that few people have ever experienced. 

"As kick-ass as Jack Reacher but so much cooler..." 

“Destined to become a modern cult classic...” 

“Charles Kriel is the real deal, a carny to his bones and he writes like a dream.” 

"A Coen Brothers movie waiting to happen..."detective like no other.

You can buy it here