what the hell is going on?

Come Together...

You should all know by now that Fahrenheit Press don't play by the rules. Well we reckon we've just done something else that'll set us apart from the crowd.

Now hold onto your hats cause we've done something TRULY REVOLUTIONARY... We've only gone and co-operated with another publisher... I know, NUTS, right?

Earlier in the year when Grant Nicol sent us the manuscript of the third of his books set in Iceland we couldn't have been happier. We're crime fiction enthusiasts at Fahrenheit and we were already big fans of his previous two books ON A SMALL ISLAND and THE MISTAKE. It was kind of a no brainer to us when he offered us the chance to publish his 3rd book A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS - the truth is we all but bit his fucking hand off.

Grant had self-published ON A SMALL ISLAND to great success and his second book THE MISTAKE was published by the awesome Number Thirteen Press (if you don't know them already please do yourself a favour and go check them out - we love them, their ethos and the books they publish).

That was gonna make 3 books by 1 author, all featuring the same character, set in the same location but published by 3 different publishers.

We reckoned that was gonna be pretty confusing for readers and frankly it wasn't doing Grant Nicol's author brand any good - there were no visual clues to tip readers off that these 3 books were connected in any way at all.

Although Fahrenheit is only a year old, we've already been in the publishing business for more than 25 years and we know for a fact that (despite Big 5 Publishing's love affair with new imprints) on the whole readers don't give a flying fuck about which publisher publishes which book by which author. All readers want is an easy route between books from authors they love reading.

That set us thinking...

We went back to Grant and suggested that he might allow us to re-publish his 1st Book as well as publishing Book 3 - to our delight he agreed - that meant we could align the branding of both books but that still left the problem of Book 2.

Now Number Thirteen Press are an independent publisher just like we are and they did a bloody awesome job of publishing THE MISTAKE. It was, and continues to be, a massive success for them - there was no reason at all why they should licence the rights to us and let us publish the whole series when they'd put in all the legwork long before we turned up on the scene.

Anyway that's not our style. We'd rather collaborate than compete every day of the week.

The upshot is that we talked with Chris, the publisher at Number Thirteen Presss, threw around a couple of ideas and came up the REVOLUTIONARY IDEA of working together. Our designer came up with a cover for THE MISTAKE that fitted in with our ideas for book 1 & 3 and after a couple of iterations we were good to go.

This is what Chris Black, publisher at Number Thirteen Presss had to say; "I love the attitude Fahrenheit Press are bringing to publishing. More to the point, I love that they are putting the authors first, an idea which almost seems old-fashioned now. But in an industry that has undergone seismic changes since the 1990s, publishers need to find new ways of doing things. The Big 5 haven't caught on to that yet, or haven't worked out how they can achieve it, which is why Fahrenheit and the likes of All Due Respect, Near to the Knuckle, et al (just looking at the crime genre) are at the forefront of things, giving readers what they want by publishing books they love instead of simply analysing the numbers. At the end of the day small publishers are working towards one common goal: getting great fiction by great authors into the hands of readers. That makes Fahrenheit a friend and an ally, and someone I'm really happy to work with in putting more of Grant's fiction out where it belongs."

2 Publishers, 3 Books, 1 Series, 1 author, 1 unified brand.

We'll be promoting Book 2 published by Number Thirteen Press alongside both of ours.

Readers should find the books easier to find, Grant Nicol's brand as author is improved and solidified and both Fahrenheit Press and Number Thirteen Press will hopefully sell a truck-load of copies and help each other as we do so. When we work together EVERYBODY WINS...

We've got more plans to work with other Indie Publishers that will make life easier for readers & authors so hopefully this will just be the begining of some beautiful friendships.