It’s 2am in West Hollywood. You’ve stumbled out of The Rainbow after a night of tequila & beer, you’re walking down The Strip with the last song on the jukebox still blasting in your head and maaan are you hungry.

Tacos are the answer, at 2am tacos are always the answer. Tacos and hot sauce on the corner of Sunset, a tequila buzz still warming your brain and a smile on your burning lips – life is sweet – and hot as all hell.

Fahrenheit Press and hot sauce was a love affair waiting to happen.

Fahrenheit Press was born in West Hollywood and now our punky tentacles have stretched all the way from LaLa Land to Brighton on the south coast of the UK.

When we found out the best hot sauces we’d ever tasted were being made by Brighton Hot Stuff just a stones throw from the new Fahrenheit Bunker it was a no-brainer – we knew we needed to get in on that hot tasty action.

We briefed hot sauce magicians Deen and Ainsley at Brighton Hot Stuff - told them stories of drunken tequila fuelled nights in West Hollywood and asked them to come up with a hot sauce that would pay homage to our Californian roots.

Batch#451 Hot Sauce is the result and maaaan did the boys at Brighton Hot Stuff nail it.

Made from a fearless blend of 4 types of Mexican chillies - Red Habaneros, smoked Jalapenos, Cascabel chillies and Anejo chillies – the initial ferocious hot punch is cut through with Agave, lime juice and smoked sea salt - we reckon it’s the best hot sauce we’ve ever tasted.

We’ve been pouring Batch#451 over everything from our eggs in the morning to haloumi wraps in the evening and every meal in-between. So far the results have been 100% successful – this hot sauce tastes awesome with everything.  

Purely in the interests of science we didn’t restrict ourselves to just food  – we went the extra mile for you and have spent many gruelling hours figuring out what booze is the perfect accompaniment to Batch#451.

After extensive research we highly recommend pouring a line of Batch#451 onto the back of your hand and licking it off before slamming back a tequila shot – it’s pretty much a perfect marriage. The more sophisticated members of the Fahrenheit team have taken to pouring a slug of Batch#451 into a shot glass and then poring a measure of bourbon or tequila over the top – Imma confirm this might just be the best ‘cocktail’ ever.

So there you go. Fahrenheit Hot Sauce Batch#451 is available in our store today.

It comes in two sizes (50ml and 150ml) fully loaded in re-fillable glass bottles (zero 1 use plastics here) and is 100% suitable for Vegans as it is entirely plant based.

We think you’re gonna get addicted to it. We know we have.

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