Fahrenheit is a family and this family rewards loyalty


Silence has it
Arrogance has it
I can have it too
If I learn to accept my reward..."

It's been what? A month or two since we kicked in the doors of publishing and innovated the fuck out of the way publishers should do business.

When we launched our new website back in February we included a whole bunch of upgrades that left other publishers 10 times our size looking like dinosaurs.

      • Direct eBook downloads
      • Paperbacks on demand
      • Limited edition hardbacks
      • The worlds coolest Subscription bookclub
      • Multi-currency checkouts

Well now we've gone and done it again with FAHRENHEIT REWARDS.

From now on when you buy anything from our website you can collect Fahrenheit Reward Points which you can use to buy even more of our awesome books and merchandise.

When you click on one of the BUY DIRECT links on one of our products you'll be taken to our online store where you'll see a BIG RED BUTTON saying "Earn Fahrenheit Rewards"

If you click on this button you'll be prompted to set up a Fahrenheit Rewards Account - YOU'LL ONLY HAVE TO DO THIS ONCE.

Once you've done that you're all set to earn rewards that you can use to buy awesome books and merch from our website.


There's no limit to how many gift cards you can collect.

Hell, we'll even give you 200 FREE POINTS JUST FOR SIGNING UP.

After that you can earn points in various ways.

  • 25 Points every time you spend £1 on our site
  • 25 Points for spreading the word about Fahrenheit on Twitter
  • 25 Points for spreading the word about Fahrenheit on Facebook
  • 200 points on your birthday

As if that wasn't enough innovating for one day, we've also introduced a referral scheme.

We know that loads of you love Fahrenheit and the things we're doing and we know that you're forever spreading the word and telling your friends about us.

We think that kinda hard work on our behalf deserves to be rewarded and from now on we're gonna do exactly that.

When you sign up to FAHRENHEIT REWARDS you'll also be signing up to our revolutionary referral scheme.

Strap in cause this bit is AWESOME....

Every time you refer a friend to Fahrenheit they'll get 20% of their 1st purchase and you'll get a £1 Gift Card.

How cool is that?

Frankly I think we're being so fucking awesome I could spend the rest of the day kissing myself.

Go on then. What are you waiting for?

Click here and go get your rewards, you deserve them...